Triple J Dirt Works LLC

Bozeman, MT

Triple J Dirt Works 

                      Greater Gallatin Area, MT


A full excavation service provider in Gallatin and surrounding counties. Services include site preparation for residential or commercial building construction, as well as utility installation, backfilling, final grading, road building, parking lots and maintenance. Jim Guertin, owner of Triple J Dirt Works, is a registered septic installer in all area counties. Snowplowing and snow removal services are provided during the winter months as well as ground thawing.

 The Triple J team has nearly 100 years' experience in this line of work and takes pride in their high quality of work.

To ensure the quality of a home for years to come, the foundation is extremely important to get right, and Triple J prides itself in doing quality work. Triple J leaves the site clean and ready for the next step, making it easy for the next subcontractor to do their job.  For example, having a great foundation dig makes it easier for the concrete subcontractor, and having a perfect final grade makes it easier for the landscaper, etc.